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250 Watt Equivalent LED Bulbs

When you’re ready to switch your warehouse or business over to LED bulbs, we make it easy to find what you need and shop by wattage equivalent.  And when you’re looking for a power horse light for your warehouse or garage, look no further than our 250 watt equivalent LED bulb!  

Since we’ve made it so simple to shop by wattage equivalent and find this high light output lamp, it will be easy to stock up on these High Bay Warehouse 120 Degree LED bulbs.  Using only 100 watts of energy, these bulbs will cut down on your energy costs as well as save money on replacement and maintenance costs thanks to their five-year manufacturer warrantee.  These lights are perfect for security lighting, interior municipality lighting, or for warehouses and garages.  Wherever you need lots of light, with minimal heat output and lots of energy savings, these 250 watt equivalent LED bulbs will fit the bill!  

And as you shop by wattage equivalent, check out the LED bulbs we offer in our 100 watt equivalent bulbs selection as well.  With all the LED bulbs offers, you’ll find a bulb for all your lighting needs with no hassle!  

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8060 HIGH BAY WAREHOUSE 120 Degree LED Light Bulb

100 Watt Bulb that Replaces 250 Watt Bulbs. Use in Warehouse, Garage, Municipal, Security Lighting Applications.

$884.99 $854.99
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