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LED Bulbs Made in USA

For some people, it is just as important to buy US-made products as it is to save on energy costs.  If that’s you, then you’ve come to the right place!  We offer a wide selection of LED bulbs made in the USA.  So, not only are you reducing your energy consumption and your energy costs, you are supporting the American economy as well! 

Our selection of LED bulbs made in the USA includes LED can bulbs for your recessed light fixtures.  These LED can bulbs are perfect for kitchen and office light fixtures, or anywhere you would like to use a can bulb to highlight a specific area or prized piece of artwork.  These bulbs offer reduced energy and maintenance costs and will last hours longer than their traditional counterparts. 

In addition to our LED can bulbs, our selection of LED bulbs that are made in the USA  includes LED candle bulbs and LED grow light bulbs.  Both these unique LED bulbs meet the unique lighting needs of our customers.  The LED candle bulbs are perfect for ceiling fans, decorative wall sconces, and other light fixtures where a traditional bulb just won’t do.  These bulbs offer the same unique look as traditional candle bulbs, but use only a fraction of the energy and feature a manufacturer’s guarantee. 

The LED grow light bulbs, also part of our LED bulbs made in the USA selection, are specifically designed to help outdoor plants thrive in an indoor environment.  These bulbs give off the heat and light needed to encourage plant growth in an unnatural environment.  This certain type of bulb will help you nurture your seedlings through the long, cold winter so that when the spring rolls around, your seedlings will be ready for transplanting into your garden, where they are sure to grow into lush flowers and vegetables! 

So look no further than Go Green LED bulbs for LED bulbs that are made in the USA!  You can take part in the Green Revolution while supporting the American economy and saving a little money at the same time! 

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