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Making the switch to LED light bulbs for your home and office is a smart choice.  But, the choices can often seem overwhelming and confusing.  At, we make it a little easier to join the green revolution by sorting our LED bulbs by wattage equivalent.  Whether you’re looking for standard 40 watt equivalent bulbs or need more specialized bulbs, such as 17 watt equivalent bulbs, we have the LED bulbs you need and we’ve made them easy to find!  Just determine what wattage you need and you’ll be able to choose exactly the shape and size bulb you need from our various categories.  

Switching out your standard incandescent and halogen bulbs with LED bulbs will save you time and money.  LED bulbs use far less energy than their traditional counterparts.  A 40 watt equivalent LED bulb only uses 7 watts to offer the same light output, which means you’ll see the savings every month in your energy bill.  And since a 40 watt equivalent bulb lasts about 50,000 hours, you’ll save even more money on replacement costs, and not have to worry about replacing your bulbs as often.  

We offer many lighting options for 40 watt equivalent, 60 watt equivalent, and 100 watt equivalent LED bulbs, which will fit most standard lighting needs in your home and office.  Whether you’re looking for LED bulbs for decorative lighting, ceiling fans, track lights, wall or table lamps, or any other lights, we’re sure to have the lights you need.  Our selection even includes a 100 watt equivalent bulb with a dimmable option, a 60 watt equivalent garage door light, 60 watt equivalent green and red outdoor lights for a festive touch at Christmastime, and other options for your more unique LED lighting needs.  

For more Information about Wattage Equivalence and how it might affect your next LED lighting purchase, check out our FAQ page on wattage equivalence

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