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LED Light Bulbs

In these days of rising energy costs, dire warnings of global warming, and activists prompting people to save energy and save the environment, many are wondering what they can do to conserve energy.  But few know where to start and what they can do to help.  Well, one of the easiest things you can do is making the switch to LED lamps.  Who knew that something as simple as changing a light bulb could help change the future? 

 LED lamps use only 3-13 watts for a light output equivalent to a 75-100 watt incandescent bulb.  Not only will switching your home lighting over to LED lamps keep your energy costs down, you can also sleep well at night knowing you are doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint!  LED lamps have come a long way from the initial LED lamps.  There are now LED dimmable bulbs, grow bulbs, LED flood lights, can lights, and LED appliance lights.

LED flood lights, while low on energy consumption, are high on light output.  These powerful LED flood lights are powerful enough to illuminate your yard, warding off critters and prowlers alike. 

 Our wide variety of LED lamps include dimmable LED bulbs, which can help you set whatever mood you like in your home, while still saving energy. With no additional wiring or electrical work needed, our LED dimmable bulbs simply screw into existing light sockets and are ready go, or glow! 

 No matter what your LED lamp needs are, Go Green LED Bulbs has what you are looking for!  Let us help you make the switch to LED bulbs and find the LED flood lights, grow bulbs, LED dimmable lights, appliance lights, or can lights you need to make your home or office a brighter, more energy-efficient place!  

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