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10 Cool Things to do with LEDs

LED lights bulbs can be used for purposes other than being placed inside lighting fixtures. Here are ten creative, fun and decorative projects you can do with LED lights!

 1.) Host a Party!

Purchase LED lights in a variety of different colors, or lights that will change different colors, and set them up in a room of your home. Connect them to a music playing device and set them up so that they blink to the beat of the music. To learn how to sync your LED lights with your music device, go to this Once you have your light situation figured out, invite friends over to transfer your home into the latest dance club!

 2.) Illuminate Party Balloons

If the club scene is not your thing, insert tiny LED lights into balloons to use as decorations for a party. Simply place the LED light inside of the balloon before blowing it up. If you do not want to take the time to make your own light-up balloons, you can purchase some at a party supply store that are already equipped with LED lights.

 3.) Halloween Decorations

Carving pumpkins is a classic fall tradition, and Halloween is a great holiday to use light-up decorations. Add some flare to your pumpkins this year and light them up with LED lights. This website has step-by-step instructions on how to create your own Cylon pumpkin: Not only will your Halloween decorations look awesome, but you will have a blast making them!

 4.)  LED Clothing

Stand out from the crowd at nighttime sporting events or at concerts with light-up clothing. Sew LED wiring, such as EL Wire, directly onto clothing. You can create your own designs or outline the detailing already printed on the article of clothing. To learn how, go here:

 5.) Nightlight

Construct a decorative, yet functional nightlight to place somewhere in your home. All you need is a large glass jar or vase, rocker switch, wire, utility knife, soldering iron, a LED light, and broken glass. If handling broken glass is too dangerous, the jar or vase can be filled with scraps of paper, clear glass marbles, or any other semi-sheer object. To learn how to craft one click here.

 6.) Computer Lighting

To make the workplace or workspace a little more exciting, add some ambient LED lighting to your computer or laptop. Choose a color or go for a warm white.

 7.) LED Pet Collar

Want to be able to spot your pet in the dark? An LED collar will do the trick! Already made LED collars can be purchased at stores, or you can create your own.

 8.) Transport in Style

Add LED wires to the wheels of your bicycle in designs to make your bike look cool. It will also make cycling a night safer because drivers and other pedestrians will be able to spot you in the dark. Click here to learn how. It is also becoming very popular to add colored LED lights to the interior of cars. Some car dealerships will add the lights for you, or you can do it yourself. First, check to see if having interior ambient lighting is legal in your state.

 9.) Sleep Under the Stars

Make a fiber optic ceiling that mimics the sky on a clear, starry night. Using fiber-optic LED strands, create your own constellations. Learn how by following this URL:

 10.) LED Shoelaces

Sneakers are extremely trendy right now, especially vintage style sneakers. Add a modern touch to them by using light-up LED shoelaces! It will allow you to stay in style, yet be original.  Go to to see a variety of light-up shoe laces.

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