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Small Company Incorporates LEDs into Skateboards

Light Bohrd, a small company in Austin, Texas, has recently offered a new type of product to the sports world: skateboards. But what makes their skateboards, more specifically longboards, outshine any other brand is the LED lights enclosed in the board. The LEDs are embedded inside, and use patent-pending technology to store energy and activate the LED light.  

 The board contains no external switches or wires that are required to be plugged into an outlet. The LED light charges wirelessly through means of a magnetic device called the PowerMat. The PowerMat glides over the PowerMat sticker and remains there for several hours until the light is fully charged. In order to activate the light, a separate magnet is swept over the sticker in the same manner as the PowerMat. Once the board is in motion, the light will illuminate in the form of the graphic located on the bottom of the board, a little monster cartoon character. The board contains three separate modes, off, on, and photo. The on and off mode are just as they sound, but the photo mode offers a dimmer light, better suited for taking photos or shooting videos.

 The President of the company, Chris Forgey, received the idea from his skateboarding son and the increasing trend of riding at night. “There is style in the clothing, the look, the tricks, and the ride,” he states. “The board is an extension of the art form. It’s our opinion Light Bohrd establishes a new creative benchmark that will allow skaters and snowboarders alike to get noticed and get known.” They also plan to provide other types of skateboards along with snowboards later this year, and are currently involved in a project to manufacture and sell helmets with the same LED technology embedded inside. 

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